Issues & Priorities

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Public Safety 

Prioritized safety by championing legislation to implement Police body-worn cameras to better protect the community and police officers. 

Introduced legislation for the creation of a civilian review complaint board

These efforts led to Yonkers becoming the third safest city of its size 

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Increased City funding for schools to the highest-recorded levels

Invested $1 million during the pandemic for remote learning

Graduation rate improved to 90.6% -- the highest in decades 

The Environment

Supported the Westchester Power Community Energy Program to provide 100% renewable energy at a fixed rate  

Supported legislation to ban plastic bags in the City of Yonkers. 

Supported banning the use of styrofoam in the Yonkers Public Schools



Supported the investment of $250 million to restore nearly 2,000 housing units

Sponsored legislation for stronger rent protections

Co-sponsored legislation doubling the amount of all new construction of affordable housing units to 20% affordable housing

Protecting Our Quality of Life

Secured $1 million for paving our roads 

Secured 3.4 Million dollars in grant funding for vital  programs for our schools and community-based organizations